Driver Licence Check

Driver Licence Checks Guide

Anyone running a successful fleet will know the importance of ensuring that all of their drivers meet the necessary requirements to drive legally. As such, many fleet owners are turning to driver licence checks to ensure that all the information an employee provides is valid and authentic.

Here we take a look at driver licence checks, including their links with the DVLA and what they can help you discover.

Why are driver licence checks important?

According to the AA, one in every 650 drivers is driving while disqualified; while one in three risks driving with an expiring or revoked licence. In addition, according to the DVLA, one million drivers are just three points away from losing their licence with around 250,000 drivers disqualified every year. Remember that even if your employee seems particularly honest, it is still possible that they have provided unreliable information unintentionally: which could leave your company facing an unacceptable risk.

For businesses it is vital to carry out driver licence checks because if one of your employees is not valid to drive then the employee and employer would not be insured in the event of an accident. Fraudulent insurance claims have doubled over the last five years according to figures from the Association of British Insurers; and this is costing the industry around £1.9billion a year while forcing premiums up for genuine motorists.

In addition, your business may be exposed to additional risks and your company will not be fulfilling its duty of care.

So what can driver licence checks tell your company?

There are many driver licence checks available online and the information they provide may vary. It is important therefore to ensure that the driver licence check service is linked to the DVLA to ensure its database is authentic and up to date.

Here is some of the information a comprehensive driver licence check should provide:

- Ensures drivers are driving legally: Will provide a background of the driver’s motoring history including whether their driving licence is valid; the address to which it is connected; when it is due to expire; and how many points the motorist has on their licence.

- Identifies “at risk” drivers: You may be cautious about employing drivers with a consistent history of motoring offences or those who may be close to losing their licence. A driver licence check can help provide peace of mind about your employees.

- Online management: Some driver licence check companies will help you keep on top of the validity of your drivers’ licences with databases that will quickly update to reflect the latest motoring offences or revoked licences.

Are any additional services available?

Some driver licence check providers will offer additional services, such as:

- Eyesight checks: You may be liable if your drivers do not meet the necessary eyesight requirements. Some driver licence check companies offer email based surveys to ensure that drivers confirm their eyesight meets the necessary requirements.

- Driver audits: Some companies will offer driver audits to ensure your drivers meet the necessary requirements across a range of areas including: the driver handbook; mobile phone use; fatigue; smoking; health; and eyesight. This can help remove any liability that your company may face in the event of an accident and could even positively impact the car insurance premiums for your fleet.

- Employee background checks: In addition, you may be able to set up employee background checks at the same time as carrying out driver licence checks: helping you garner vital information on their identity and their criminal record. This can improve business security; reduce risks; and bolster customer trust.


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