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Driver Licence Checks Guide

Anyone running a successful fleet will know the importance of ensuring that all of their drivers meet the necessary requirements to drive legally. As such, many fleet owners are turning to driver licence checks to ensure that all the information an employee provides is valid and authentic.

Here we take a look at driver licence checks, including their links with the DVLA and what they can help you discover.

Why are driver licence checks important?

According to the AA, one in every 650 drivers is driving while disqualified; while one in three risks driving with an expiring or revoked licence. In addition, according to the DVLA, one million drivers are just three points away from losing their licence with around 250,000 drivers disqualified every year. Remember that even if your employee seems particularly honest, it is still possible that they have provided unreliable information unintentionally: which could leave your company facing an unacceptable risk.

For businesses it is vital to carry out driver licence checks because if one of your employees is not valid to drive then the employee and employer would not be insured in the event of an accident. Fraudulent insurance claims have doubled over the last five years according to figures from the Association of British Insurers; and this is costing the industry around £1.9billion a year while forcing premiums up for genuine motorists.

In addition, your business may be exposed to additional risks and your company will not be fulfilling its duty of care.

So what can driver licence checks tell your company?

There are many driver licence checks available online and the information they provide may vary. It is important therefore to ensure that the driver licence check service is linked to the DVLA to ensure its database is authentic and up to date.

Here is some of the information a comprehensive driver licence check should provide:

- Ensures drivers are driving legally: Will provide a background of the driver’s motoring history including whether their driving licence is valid; the address to which it is connected; when it is due to expire; and how many points the motorist has on their licence.

- Identifies “at risk” drivers: You may be cautious about employing drivers with a consistent history of motoring offences or those who may be close to losing their licence. A driver licence check can help provide peace of mind about your employees.

- Online management: Some driver licence check companies will help you keep on top of the validity of your drivers’ licences with databases that will quickly update to reflect the latest motoring offences or revoked licences.

Are any additional services available?

Some driver licence check providers will offer additional services, such as:

- Eyesight checks: You may be liable if your drivers do not meet the necessary eyesight requirements. Some driver licence check companies offer email based surveys to ensure that drivers confirm their eyesight meets the necessary requirements.

- Driver audits: Some companies will offer driver audits to ensure your drivers meet the necessary requirements across a range of areas including: the driver handbook; mobile phone use; fatigue; smoking; health; and eyesight. This can help remove any liability that your company may face in the event of an accident and could even positively impact the car insurance premiums for your fleet.

- Employee background checks: In addition, you may be able to set up employee background checks at the same time as carrying out driver licence checks: helping you garner vital information on their identity and their criminal record. This can improve business security; reduce risks; and bolster customer trust.

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Eco Fleet Solutions Ltd

Eco Fleet Solutions Ltd is an independent fleet management consultancy providing an impartial service that offers a range of bespoke business solutions to improve performance, increase productivity and reduce the overall costs of managing your company fleet of vehicles or employees. We specialise in all industry sectors, independently advising the most suitable solutions for companies. Whether the aim is to reduce fuel bills, improve driver behaviour, reduce wear and tear or improve the utilisation of your fleet, we have a series of solutions to offer your company. Eco Fleet Solutions also provides vehicle leasing and purchasing solutions, fleet management administration systems to keep fleets compliant with VOSA and duty of care responsibilities, and assistance with the FTA Van excellence scheme through its accredited partners.Whether you run a fleet of 5 or 5000, FleetCheck will provide you with the very best in fleet management software and a flexible range of supporting services to match your specific fleet requirements. Eco Fleet Solutions can arrange for one of our experienced consultants to meet with you to discuss your company’s requirements. Sometimes, within this initial meeting – usually lasting no more than an hour – we will have a solution to hand to present to you. Eco Fleet Solutions does not charge customers for any consultation work, nor do we charge for arranging solutions Why not contact us today to see what we can do to help?

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Interactive Driving Systems Ltd

Interactive Driving Systems is a global provider of fleet risk management solutions. Our global strategic partnership with Zurich Risk Engineering ensures local management and implementation support in 35 countries around the world. Virtual Risk Manager - FLEET delivers our research driven products and services that are proven and independently validated to work, straight to your drivers and managers. Our approach also recognises the importance of an individual's rights to privacy and data security and we have worked with our global IT partner NTT to ensure a server infrastructure that meets and exceeds the requirements of US 'safe harbor' and European 'data protection' standards. In addition, your drivers will understand exactly what information is collected, where it is secured and how it is used to help protect them while driving for work purposes. Every piece of information collected and stored on behalf of our clients is secured within our patented management information system available to our clients across the globe 24/7. Our largest client in the world employs over 100,000 drivers and our smallest 5. If you are interested in creating a long term solution that protects your drivers from harm and addresses your fleet risk management needs, please call us to discuss your objectives.

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Jaama Ltd

Award winning Jaama is a fleet management software and occupational road safety specialist. As a certified Microsoft® development partner, Jaama uses the latest technology to provide customers with greater integration, control and automation. It brings innovative fleet management software and driver licence checking software to fleet operators, contract hire and leasing companies. Jaama is the first to combine fleet management software and risk management services to help customers control and maintain their vehicles and meet their driver health and safety responsibilities under occupational road safety regulations. Jaama additionally offers jointly branded partnership opportunities with leasing companies who wish to provide their customers additional risk management products and services, as well as hosting regular regional duty of care seminars. Jaama’s multi award winning Key2 Vehicle Management system is a totally integrated vehicle, asset and driver management solution visibly years ahead. Designed for all fleet sizes and budgets, Key2 is web based, with usability and intelligent ‘active’ data management; linking users live to data providers, customers, suppliers, vehicle telematics and the DVLA.

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Hudson Kapel Ltd

Hudson Kapel offer a variety of specialist services for the automotive industry within the United Kingdom, including nationwide vehicle inspections, the remarketing of accident damaged vehicles, driving licence validation checks, document administration for fleets, pre-delivery inspections and vehicle refurbishment and storage. Hudson Kapel provides a refurbishment, valeting and secure storage facility to the motor industry. The refurbishment centre is equipped with purpose built paint line facilities to ensure volume and quality are produced. Hudson Kapel Securities provide a back office solution for rental and leasing companies in respect of document management.These include the scanning and verification of V5's, document retention, the administration of vehicle spare keys and service packs together with a re-taxing facility.This enables clients to out source non-core business activities with confidence knowing that their vehicle documents are accessible and safe.

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Intelligent Data Systems (UK) Limited

When Intelligent Data Systems was originally established in 2004 it provided an electronic driving licence verification service for corporate fleet operators. Today, the products and services we provide have been developed to meet the increasing employer duty of care requirements and ensure that legal requirements in respect of work-related road safety are met, offering: Driving licence verification via a web-based interface to provide you with on-line access to DVLA verified driver records; Insurance and MOT verification where information is captured by way of self-certification using a Q1 Insurance and MOT declaration; Online grey fleet risk management which allows fleet operators to monitor the 'grey fleet' and ensure that drivers conduct routine maintenance and safety checks; Bespoke driver risk management software solutions that enable customers to develop their own risk assessments based on their key measurement criteria, performance weightings and ratings.

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Know Your Candidate Ltd

Know Your Candidate Ltd provide a pay as you go employment screening service with no set-up or annual fees. Register, order, track and download your candidate reports online. At Know Your Candidate we believe a substantial portion of risk can be mitigated and the balance restored by performing additional background checks that supplement the pre-employment referencing process. Identity checks, credit checks, criminal record checks and qualification checks deal in known facts and are obtained from pre-compiled data sources meaning that they can be completed quickly and most importantly prior to the new employee commencing employment. Know Your Candidate's driving licence check enables employers to validate the details of their candidate's / employee's driving licence directly with the DVLA. The check confirms whether the individual is licensed to drive and provides details regarding the number of penalty points and endorsements present on their licence.

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Inchcape Fleet Solutions Ltd

With more than 50 years' experience in the automotive industry, Inchcape Fleet Solutions is the UK's largest independent leasing company, managing a fleet in excess of 50,000 cars. Central to our philosophy is our dedication to creating intelligent fleet management strategies that are individually tailored to our clients' specifications, irrespective of fleet size or business demands. We take pride in the longevity of the relationships we foster and are committed to continuing our tradition of providing unparalleled automotive solutions. We provide operational and fleet funding solutions, a full range of short-to medium-term rental options, providing customers with an efficient, one-stop service that encompasses all temporary vehicle requirements. In order to assist customers in the vital task of ensuring that all of their drivers hold valid driving licences, Inchcape Fleet Solutions operates an in-house driving licence verification service.

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DriverCheck Ltd

DriverCheck Ltd is a driver licence checking service. Taking a photocopy of your drivers' licences may no longer be sufficient to show a "Duty of Care". Here at DriverCheck our team will process and verify licence data electronically. Our web based system will ensure that YOU could avoid prosecution, fines and not be faced with uninsured losses. DriverCheck What will it tell you? Has the driver ever passed a test? Is the driver currently banned? Are they entitled to drive the category of vehicle they are driving? Does the driver have undisclosed points or endorsements on their licence? Does the driver's recorded address match? DriverCheck provides a simple low cost yet comprehensive service for the verification of drivers. This service simplifies and reduces the administration overhead, whilst providing the security of checking the driver by accessing Licencing or other authorities records directly.

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Ogilvie Fleet Limited

At Ogilvie Fleet, we specialise in helping customers manage fleets of up to 250 vehicles – from cars up to 3.5 tonne vans. For over 30 years we have been providing contract hire, leasing and fleet management solutions for UK and European companies operating vehicle fleets of all sizes. Completely independent of any bank or manufacturer, we are one of the few remaining companies in our sector who can deliver truly impartial advice.We offer a truly personal, truly tailored service – with a named area sales manager and customer service professional to look after all your needs. We don’t operate a call centre. We don’t keep you waiting for an answer. And we don’t treat you (and your fleet users) as just another number. This approach has helped us become one of the UK’s fastest growing contract hire and leasing specialists in the UK with offices in Sheffield, Birmingham, Stirling and Belfast.

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Pendragon Contracts Ltd

Pendragon Contracts Ltd seek to offer the total automotive leasing solution to all sectors of the market. Pendragon Contracts are a UK national leasing company with in excess of 24,000 vehicles on the fleet that offers products and services to limited companies, PLCs and private individuals, as well as brokers and dealer partners. We offer a complete service, from consultation to disposal and everything in between, to companies with fleets of any size, from small local businesses to large national corporations, based on any type of vehicles from compact cars to light commercial vehicles. Once we have sourced and funded your vehicles, our fleet management service starts. We offer this as either a fully comprehensive service, or you can simply cherry pick the services you require. All of our services are also available to customers with LCV only or mixed LCV and car fleets.

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