Diesel hits £6 a gallon


The average price for a litre of diesel in the UK has broken the £6 a gallon mark for the first time – the equivalent to 131.9p – according to data from PetrolPrices.com. Scotland currently has the highest average price for diesel at 132.8p, followed by Wales at 132.5p, then Northern Ireland at 132.0p. Only England is below the landmark figure, at 131.6p

Across the UK 4400 stations out of 7505 (59%) are selling diesel at 131.9p or above.

The UK average for both unleaded and diesel is at a record high today, following a 3 month period where prices have broken records almost every day. Unleaded currently stands at 118.6p, making it on average around 13p cheaper than diesel.

The average price of diesel in the UK has increased by 24p since the beginning of the year, or 22%. The price of diesel hit £5 a gallon for the first time in January this year.

The highest prices in the UK are nudging ever closer to '£1.50 a litre by September' prediction made by PetrolPrices.com, with the most expensive diesel in the country costing 145.9p, and the most expensive unleaded costing 129.9p. The cheapest costs 113.9 and 126.9 for unleaded and diesel respectively.

"£6 a gallon is yet another landmark price that highlights just how much diesel prices have risen in such a short space of time. As record oil prices push up the cost of unleaded and diesel drivers are looking for more fuel efficient ways to get around. Diesel is typically more economical so many are switching to diesel cars, but this increases the demand and appears to be pushing the price up even further. The break even point for diesel cars is being pushed further back, and there may come a time where diesel no longer makes financial sense.

"The government can't be held responsible for supply and demand in the energy markets, but they do have the power to ease the financial burden on those who use diesel by cutting tax on fuel. We rely on diesel lorries to transport essential goods around the country, and the world, so surely a tax cut for diesel vehicles would be good for the economy? Tax on both petrol and diesel in the UK is extortionate, and as world markets change it becomes clear that policies that might have made economic sense 10 years ago are in desperate need of an overhaul." ~ Brendan Mcloughlin, Founder, PetrolPrices.com

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