Kwik-Fit Fleet signs new three-year contract with Leasedrive Velo


Kwik-Fit Fleet has won a new three-year contract until the end of 2011 to provide a wide range of fast-fit services to the Leasedrive Velo Group, one of the largest independent privately-owned vehicle management groups in the UK.

Europe’s largest independent fast-fit company was a long-standing supplier to both Leasedrive and Velo before they merged in 2007 to form a combined operation now managing around 18,300 vehicles. The new contract replaces an initial 12-month deal agreed following the merger.

Kwik-Fit Fleet is the preferred fast-fit supplier to the Leasedrive Velo Group covering the supply of tyres, exhausts, batteries, brake parts and MoTs as well as the provision of tyre safety checks at client premises alongside a replacement tyre service.

Leasedrive Velo commercial director Roddy Graham said:  “We have enjoyed an excellent partnership with Kwik-Fit Fleet over a number of years with both our clients and their drivers benefiting from a first-class support service. On-line fleet authorisation is quick and easy via our totally integrated fleet management system, Drive:Manager.

“Furthermore, major fleet customers continue to receive a free tyre safety check at their premises, assisting them with their ‘duty of care’ responsibilities. It is vitally important that regular tyre checks are undertaken to ensure full legal compliance and optimum fuel economy. With tyre safety often being a case of  ‘out of sight, out of mind’, these checks represent just one of the added value services clients receive.”
Head of Kwik-Fit Fleet Mike Wise added: “The signing of a new three-year contract with Leasedrive Velo further cements our relationship. As the preferred fast-fit supplier to the company’s clients we expect to secure in excess of 80% of fast-fit related business.

“Leasedrive Velo customers will continue to benefit from the wide-range of centre and mobile services provided by Kwik-Fit Fleet. In addition, the suite of reports that we are able to provide for Leasedrive Velo and their clients will ensure tyre and other fast-fit related costs are kept under control.”

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