Britain’s biggest motoring bugbears revealed


Not bothering to indicate is officially most annoying driver trait, it has been revealed after a poll formed a rundown of the top 50 driving bugbears.

Pricey parking, tailgaters and potholes have also been picked out as some of the most anger-inducing qualities of driving, according to the 2,000 UK motorists questioned.

Many of the most maddening motor mannerism were a result of behaviour from fellow road users, such as middle lane drivers, failing to acknowledge other drivers when they let you out, and those blatantly using their phone behind the wheel.

Many of the most maddening motor mannerism were a result of behaviour from fellow road users. Photo: John Greenfield

Bugbears ranged from the petty (bird muck on the windscreen, ‘Little princess on board’ stickers) to the downright dangerous (being ‘cut up’, motorcyclists weaving in and out of traffic).

The research found that four in ten people feel more stressed on their morning commute to work than at any other point in the week.

Also, more than a third (36%) prefer to avoid driving at weekends due to a supposed increase in the number of inexperienced drivers on the road.

Simon Pearson, Commercial Director for First Bus in Manchester, which commissioned the research, said: “Many people use the car every day of the week - commuting to work, ferrying the family round, doing the shopping or taking day trips – and on journeys where there is no particular hurry, the odd traffic jam or getting lost is no big deal.

“But on days where drivers want to get somewhere quickly and efficiently - such as when commuting to work, taking the children to school or getting into town - high parking costs, busy traffic, road works and inconsiderate drivers can take its toll.”

The top 50 driving bugbears of 2013:

1. Drivers who don't indicate
2. High parking costs
3. Being tailgated even though you're doing the speed limit
4. Potholes in the road
5. Seeing motorists using their phones
6. Drivers cutting you up
7. Ridiculous petrol prices
8. Traffic jams
9. Motorcyclists who weave in and out of traffic
10. Getting lost
11. Badly parked cars leaving no space for you
12. Noticing someone has scratched your car while it was parked
13. Slow drivers
14. People not saying thank you when you let them out
15. Road works
16. Cyclists who don't use cycle paths
17. Middle lane drivers
18. Other people not letting you merge onto motorways
19. Getting a parking ticket
20. Speed bumps
21. Undertaking
22. People not giving way to the right
23. Driving in the fog
24. Other drivers overtaking you when you are doing the speed limit
25. People that flick ash out of the window
26. Speed cameras
27. Driving in torrential rain
28. Getting a speeding ticket
29. Boy racers trying to speed off before you at the traffic lights
30. Breaking down
31. Putting the car in for an MOT
32. People who don't give way because they are mean
33. Backseat drivers
34. Taxing the car
35. Bird poo on the windscreen which smears when you use the wipers
36. Arrogant sports car drivers
37. Needing the toilet on a long journey
38. Caravans
39. Little princess on board stickers
40. 'Boy racer' cars with spoilers, UV lights etc.
41. Unnecessary use of horns
42. Tractors
43. Children hovering at the side of the road
44. Running over rabbits or other wildlife and feeling terrible
45. Driving next to huge lorries on a roundabout that look like they'll tip over
46. People looking at you when you are trying to park
47. De-icing the car and getting cold hands
48. Having to service the car
49. Simply having to fill the car up with petrol
50. Missing motorway exits / taking the wrong one

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