RHA out to improve cyclist/haulier relations


Greater understanding and dialogue between cyclists and drivers is the only way to tackle the number of cyclists killed on UK roads.

That’s the opinion of Rob Flello MP, Chair of the Parliamentary Freight Transport Group, who will talk to cyclists about how our roads can be made safer for all users at this weekend’s Isle of Wight Festival of Cycling.

Figures from the Department for Transport show that 118 cyclists were killed on British roads in 2012. More than a quarter of those (27%) involved a van or heavy goods vehicle, a proportion which Rob believes must be prioritised and reduced.

Greater understanding and dialogue between cyclists and drivers is the only way to tackle the number of cyclists killed on UK roads.

The Road Haulage Association will also attend the Isle of Wight cycling festival to promote dialogue between the two groups with a view to improving the poor relationship between cyclists and commercial users.

Mr Flello commented: “I am really pleased to be at the opening of this two week-long festival which celebrates all aspects of cycling, where I will have the opportunity to discuss road safety issues with cyclists.

“I hope that by coming together cyclists and hauliers will be able to find solutions which will make the roads safer for every user. I am calling on the industry to examine its work practices and vehicle safety features with cyclist safety in mind.”

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